Pledgor licenses

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PledgorLicenseLicense CategoryDate of Pledge
(with link to any publicity)
Patent and Copyright Pledge Applicability
AgnisysOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard9 May 2020All patents
Allen Institute for AICustomOCL Compatible25 June 2020Select patents
AmazonOC-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
apheris AI GmBHApache 2.0OCL Compatible8 April 2020Select patents
AT&TOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard30 April 2020All patents
Bow MarketOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard22 April 2020All patents
Fabricatorz FoundationOCL-PC v1.1OCL Standard7 April 2020All patents
FacebookOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
Fujitsu LimitedCustomOCL Compatible12 May 2020All patents
Hewlett Packard EnterpriseOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
HMJ Medical LLCOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard8 April 2020All patents
IBM (and its subsidiaries)CustomOCL Compatible20 April 2020All patents
Intel CorporationCustomOCL Compatible7 April 2020All patents
KINETICOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard22 Oct 2020Select patents
Leonardo CompanyCustomOCL Compatible16 June 2020Select patents
McKinsey & Company, Inc.CustomOCL Alternative1 April 2020Select copyrights
MeedanMITOCL Compatible20 April 2020Select patents
MicrosoftOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
Mitsubishi Electric Research LaboratoriesOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard28 May 2020All patents
Morgan StanleyOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard19 June 2020All patents
NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTechApache 2.0OCL Compatible6 May 2020Select patents
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCustomOCL Compatible22 April 2020Select patents
OVSICERN OHL (S) v2.0OCL Alternative23 April 2020All patents
RADVACOCL-P v1.1; CC BY-4.0OCL Standard; OCL Compatible21 August 2020All patents; All copyright
Sandia National LaboratoriesCustomOCL Alternative20 April 2020Select U.S. patents; available to U.S. persons only; expires June 30, 2021
SAPOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard6 June 2020All patents
Seagate Technology plcOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard21 May 2020All patents
SiFiveOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard30 April 2020Select patents
Skopos LabsCC BY 4.0OCL Compatible9 April 2020No patents, copyright license only
Tom Bihn, Inc.CC BY-SA 4.0OCL Alternative1 Sept 2020No patents, copyright license only
UberOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard24 April 2020All patents
Unified Patents, LLCOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard31 March 2020All patents