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Explore patents that have been pledged to help fight COVID-19 using a semantic AI-based tool

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Onboarding Tutorial

First, create an account. Once you have an account and login you will reach this page. 

IP Screener is like Google for IP, but instead of searching short keywords you search using a lot of text  (4-5 pages worth is ideal). This is because their technology uses Natural Language Processing to help match as many relevant terms to the IP out there.

Click on the blue link at the top to see your new search on Ventilators

Scroll through to see all the patents related to your search. At the top, there is a specific “COVID-19” tab to search only for IP that was pledged by our Pledgors. But there is also a “Global” tab you can use to search for all IP from any company related to your search.

You can bookmark and highlight the most useful IP that you find. Overtime, we will have an aggregated amount of data added to the site.