Pledgor licenses

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PledgorLicenseLicense CategoryDate of Pledge
(with link to any publicity)
Patent Pledge Applicability
AgnisysOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard9 May 2020All patents
Allen Institute for AICustomOCL Compatible25 June 2020Select patents
AmazonOC-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
apheris AI GmBHApache 2.0OCL Compatible8 April 2020Select patents
AT&TOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard30 April 2020All patents
Bow MarketOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard22 April 2020All patents
Fabricatorz FoundationOCL-PC v1.1OCL Standard7 April 2020All patents
FacebookOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
Fujitsu LimitedCustomOCL Compatible12 May 2020All patents
Hewlett Packard EnterpriseOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
HMJ Medical LLCOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard8 April 2020All patents
IBM (and its subsidiaries)CustomOCL Compatible20 April 2020All patents
Intel CorporationCustomOCL Compatible7 April 2020All patents
Leonardo CompanyCustomOCL Compatible16 June 2020Select patents
MeedanMITOCL Compatible20 April 2020Select patents
MicrosoftOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard20 April 2020All patents
Mitsubishi Electric Research LaboratoriesOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard28 May 2020All patents
Morgan StanleyOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard19 June 2020All patents
NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTechApache 2.0OCL Compatible6 May 2020Select patents
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCustomOCL Compatible22 April 2020Select patents
OVSICERN OHL (S) v2.0OCL Alternative23 April 2020All patents
Sandia National LaboratoriesCustomOCL Alternative20 April 2020Select U.S. patents; available to U.S. persons only
SAPOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard6 June 2020All patents
Seagate Technology plcOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard21 May 2020All patents
SiFiveOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard30 April 2020Select patents
Skopos LabsCC BY 4.0OCL Compatible9 April 2020No patents, copyright license only
UberOCL-P v1.1OCL Standard24 April 2020All patents
Unified Patents, LLCOCL-PC v1.0OCL Standard31 March 2020All patents