Top Patent Holders Make Open COVID Pledge

According to statistics recently released by the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO), companies making the Open COVID Pledge were among the top acquirers of U.S. patents last year.  IBM, the #1 patent holder, was issued nearly 9,500 patents in 2019.  Open COVID Pledge makers Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, Facebook, Fujitsu and HP Enterprise also place prominently on the list. We congratulate these firms for their commitment to putting their substantial intellectual… Read More »Top Patent Holders Make Open COVID Pledge

IBM – Anti-Viral Agent

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Treatment of viral infections continues to be elusive owing to the variance in virus structure together with their ability to rapidly change and become resistant. In recent years, viral infections have emerged as an eminent global public health problem. The patent describes a molecule which can interact with the virus making it less capable of entering a human cell. Alternatively, the molecule can also interact with human cells making them… Read More »IBM – Anti-Viral Agent

IBM-Touchscreen that uses UV light for preventing pathogen transmission

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Touchscreens are an important component on many devices like laptops and cell phones. Due to frequent touching, pathogens collect on these touch surfaces and are even known to survive on them for a long time. These surfaces then become a mechanism for spreading diseases between users. Sterilizing these surfaces using chemical disinfectants continuously is not convenient and might even damage the touch surfaces. To mitigate this problem, the patent describes… Read More »IBM-Touchscreen that uses UV light for preventing pathogen transmission

IBM- AI Algorithms

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Patents covering: Artificial Intelligence algorithms that model the spread of epidemics. More info: