drug discovery

HPE – Cryo-electron microscopy

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Cryo-electron microscopy is a breakthrough technology with the power to shorten the time to drug discovery and development, as well as decoding the structure of viruses. HPE’s integrated HPE Apollo compute and storage systems remove bottlenecks when moving data from the microscope to analytics, thanks to faster data transfer technologies, optimized storage, and better integration of compute, storage, and analysis functions within the system. Link: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/newsroom/blog-post/2020/04/hpe-opens-its-patents-to-fight-covid-19.html Image: HPE

Fujitsu – Techniques to aid in drug discovery

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The process of designing a pharmaceutical product using a computer (also known as computational drug discovery) can be an effective tool in increasing the probability of and reducing the time period for developing new drugs. Especially relevant in the fight against the pandemic, the patent claims a method that can be used to design new drugs. In particular, it discusses methods for identifying the binding site of a target molecule.… Read More »Fujitsu – Techniques to aid in drug discovery