3D Printing

NASA-JPL-3D Printed Respirators

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Designs for 3D printed respirators, including instructions, STL files, and initial test data.   Download 3D print files and see more info at Github link: https://github.com/nasa-jpl/COVID-19-respirators

NJIT-Forcep Swab for Covid-19 Testing

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Patent-pending 3D Printable forceps swab for COVID-19 testing, designed to reduce infection and contamination risk.  A team of NJIT physicists has developed a novel test swab that can be 3D printed using inexpensive, widely available materials and speedily assembled in a range of fabrication settings. To augment the nation’s testing capabilities, the inventors are making the swab’s design publicly available to large and small manufacturers, free of licensing fees, during… Read More »NJIT-Forcep Swab for Covid-19 Testing