Creative Commons to Steward the Open COVID Pledge

We’re pleased to announce today that Creative Commons is taking on leadership and stewardship of the Open COVID Pledge.

This transition is made with the strong support and encouragement of the OCP Steering Committee, which will continue on in an advisory capacity as the project progresses. This is a natural fit for Creative Commons given the organization’s mission of enabling sharing, creativity, and innovation, and reinforces our commitment to the longevity, stability, and success of the project.

We’re looking forward to using Creative Commons’ experience, resources, and worldwide community of experts (the Creative Commons Global Network) to expand the scope, reach, and impact of the project. We’re already working with leading organizations in the international arena working on copyright and IP policy, such as the WHO and other UN bodies.

We believe this initiative will have a profound impact beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The common set of values, tools, and principles for the responsible use of IP in the public’s interest formed during this particular crisis can and should be used as a necessary model for addressing other crises, such as climate change. We hope to carry this conversation and model forward.

For more information, visit today’s blog announcement on the Creative Commons site. And please feel free to reach out to us directly with questions and ideas.

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