ProBuccal – Covinhood™ oral bioaerosol shield for dental applications

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The Covinhood (U.S Patent Pending) is a protective device against oral bioaerosols for use by dental patients. This device is made from an 18.9L clear water bottle, designed to assist dentists and dental hygienists with significant needs for additional protection against oral bioaerosols during a pandemic, with a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

The Covinhood is equipped with four openings: one for the patient’s head (orange filter glasses); two others, one on each side for the hands and instruments of the dentist or dental hygienist; and the last, the normal bottle opening, for the connection of the antistatic hose associated with the suction and filtration system with HEPA (0.3 micrometer). 

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Image: ProBuccal