SAP Pledges Free use of its Patents in Support of the Fight Against COVID-19

SAP, a European multinational software company and a provider of one of the largest enterprise software solutions in the world, today announced it is joining the Open COVID Pledge by committing its patents worldwide to solving the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization holds thousands of patents worldwide, all of which may be used royalty-free under the terms of the OCL-P v1.1 license. This license enables entrepreneurs, established businesses, health care organizations and others to freely use SAP’s patented intellectual property “to speed the development and dissemination of the technologies needed to end the COVID-19 Pandemic and mitigate the effects of the disease.”

SAP joins the growing ranks of many other international organizations dedicating their intellectual property rights in support of the public good for at least the duration of the pandemic. These tech giants include IBM, Intel, Amazon, AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, Fujitsu, HP Enterprise, and many more. In addition, many other companies and organizations have pledged highly-relevant patents even though not equivalent in volume. Every invention is welcomed!

For a full list of pledgors, visit our website.

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