Uber – Real-time resource management for on-demand services

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In recent years, improvements to mobile devices and technology have resulted in the rise of on-demand services such as moving, food delivery, and taxi services. For these services, customers submit requests using their smart devices and on-demand service systems match their requests with one or more providers. One of the challenges in such systems is the management of resources across different locations. This patent describes a system that can collect real time supply and/or demand data and use it to predict future supply and/or demand for different geographic regions. During a pandemic, when demand for essential services unexpectedly rises, such a system can help service providers keep up with increased demand and plan accordingly.  


Title: Real-time resource management for on-demand services

Patent Holder – Uber Technologies Inc Patent ID: 10460411

Link –  https://patents.google.com/patent/US10460411B2

(image: Uber – pizza by Happy A / CC BY-NC-SA)