Seagate Technology takes the Open COVID Pledge

Seagate Technology

Giant data storage and management company Seagate Technology has taken the Open COVID Pledge, adopting the OCL-P v1.1 license for all of its patented technologies to help diagnose, prevent, contain, and treat COVID-19. Seagate’s CEO Dr. Dave Mosley says,

“Seagate’s mission is to maximize the potential of humanity. Never has that been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaboration is going to be key in the efforts to fight the disease and minimize the lasting impact. The Open COVID Pledge is another of the amazing ways we can all work together, and Seagate is proud to be a part of this pledge to help enable critical access to powerful solutions for the good of humanity.”

Learn more about Seagate’s commitment and other ways the company has contributed to the fight against COVID-19 at their site.