HMJ Medical – Spike Assist

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HMJ Medical: Spike Assist – a small disposable device that prevents mis-spiking of IV bags. 

Spike Assist is a small disposable device that allows for prevention of mis-spiked I.V. bags. The ends of I.V. spikes, though plastic, can actually break through the sides of the bag, and can go right through gloves and sometimes cause superficial damage to the provider spiking the bag. This device, in that regard, does several things. One, it prevents waste. I.V. bags have been known to be on backorder from time to time, as recently as 2018 there was a saline shortage due to hurricane Maria. Preventing waste means needing fewer bags and medications overall, helping any shortage situations that may arise due to Covid-19. Two, it prevents PPE disruptions from glove tears from mis-spiked bags, and along those lines, prevents getting cut/scratched or stabbed by the I.V. spike in clinically dangerous environments due to the Covid-19. Though nurses are the primary users here, the device itself can be utilized in pharmacies to inject medications, vet offices, home healthcare settings, dialysis centers, really anywhere that utilizes I.V. bags, can do so more safely.