Trademark Policy

The Open COVID Pledge Coalition uses trademarks it holds for purposes of indicating that companies and organizations are Supporters, or that a Pledgor has adopted the Pledge and has adopted a license consistent with the Open COVID Licenses. Our trademarks and logos consist of the following, regardless of stylization, translation, capitalization, spacing or other presentation.
Word mark: Open COVID Pledge Our trademarks are not licensed under an open license. However, if you are a Pledgor or Supporter and are listed on our website, you are authorized to use our trademarks to indicate that you are a Pledgor or Supporter so long as you include a URL or a hyperlink to the website. Other permitted uses:  You do not need our permission to use our trademarks for referential use (e.g., to refer to the Open COVID Pledge), provided you do not imply endorsement. Additionally, you do not need our permission to use the trademark for descriptive use (e.g., to describe the Open COVID Pledge in explanatory materials), provided that such use does not imply endorsement. All uses of our trademarks and logos must be of the exact images reproduced above, including the colors reproduced above (with the exception that you may reproduce our trademarks and logos using black and white or grayscale in printed materials). You are not authorized to modify these images in any way, nor to make any derivatives or combination marks using our trademarks or logos. Please contact with any questions or if you wish to use our trademarks in other ways.